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Mentor a Youth-Led Organization on behalf of the UN

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Are you interested in serving as a mentor for youth-led organizations around the world. If yes, your services is needed by the United Nations Human Settlement Program (UN-Habitat).

Each prospective mentor will steer youth led organizations globally through skype and email conversations.
The UN-Habitat Urban Youth Fund is dedicated to empowering global youth by providing grants and capacity building to selected organizations in developing countries. Yearly, more than 8,000 youth-led organizations apply for a grant of up to $25,000.

Our mentors should expect to;

  • Commit a minimum of 6 hours per month
  • Guide the project coordinator on a range of areas, including project management, fundraising, budgeting, and media and operations issues
  • Coordinate with the UN-Habitat Urban Youth Fund team on complex matters and give regular updates
  • Provide a structure and a summary for each meeting
  • Provide a quarterly evaluation of the organization
  • Participate in a global mentor online forum
  • Offer specific, constructive feedback while motivating the youth-led organization
  • Read the UN-Habitat Urban Youth Fund’s project management materials (fewer than 50 pages) and deliver feedback consistent with its recommended best practices

The UN-Habitat Urban Youth Fund seeks to select mentors to guide our youth-led organizations to realize their full potential. Once appointed, the individual will be an official part of our UN-Habitat Urban Youth Fund community, with access to a global network of mentors and emerging youth leaders.
While unpaid, mentors will receive recognition from the UN-Habitat with an announcement through our communication channels and will make a direct impact on meaningful projects aligning with their interest areas.

To become a mentor or get more information kindly visit the UN-Habitat urban youth fund website

Download Post in PDF

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