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Prepare to Attend the World Forum on Democracy

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Young people from Europe and the rest of the world are invited to participate in the 3rd edition of the World forum on Democracy. The with the theme “From participation to influence: can youth revitalize democracy?” will take place in Strasbourg, 3 – 5 November 2014.

The core activities of the Forum will consist of discussions about successful initiatives and actions for youth citizenship and participation, and new governance solutions to youth democratic inclusion. These initiatives and ideas will also be discussed in a series of creative laboratories (labs).

Young people who meet the following requirements can attend the conference:

  1. Be 16 – 30 years old;
  2. Be resident in one of the 50  signatory States of the European Cultural Convention of the Council of Europe; 75 places will be made available for participants from other regions outside the European continent;
  3. Be able to communicate and work in English;
  4. Be actively involved in civil society democracy initiatives;
  5. Be motivated to contribute to developing new ideas on youth and democracy;
  6. Be supported by a youth organisation or network or informal group working on democracy; some non-organised individuals will also be accepted;
  7. Be ready to adopt a solution-oriented approach by bringing in new ideas and visions of democracy;
  8. Be ready to dream democracy;
  9. Be available to participate fully in the World Forum for Democracy and the preparation process beforehand.

The application process has two steps:
Part 1: the on-line application form;
Part 2: 1 minute video  posted on YouTube, with the link attached to the on line application form (see the You Tube Video Upload Note).

In order to access the on-line application form you have to register first. For successful application please follow carefully the instructions.

Only participants attending the whole event (pre-forum meeting and World Forum) will be reimbursed for travel and visa expenses. The Council of Europe will provide accommodation (arrival on Friday, 31 October, departure on Thursday, 6 November). Transport between the place of accommodation and the venue of the youth meeting and of the World Forum will be organized.

Deadline: 22 June 2014

For Additional information visit the World Forum For Democracy Website

world forum for democracy 2014

world forum for democracy 2014

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