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Participate in the YouthConnekt Mobile Apps 4 Human Development challenge

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YouthConnekt Mobile Apps for Human Development challenge is an App Development competition aimed at helping young Rwandans access the resources and business training needed to launch and grow a sustainable business.It is a platform that connects innovative youth with leaders from the public, private and financial sectors to forge new partnerships for the future.
It connects young people to role models, resources, knowledge and skills development, and employment opportunities and enables them to participate in shaping the future of Rwanda.

If you are between 18 and 35 and a Rwandan national you can submit your proposal.
All applications should be made via the online application. In case the applicant is not able to fill it themselves, a third party may assist them in filling out the application on behalf of them (but not without the knowledge of the applicant).


20th February 2014


1st Prize: USD 6,000
2nd Prize: USD 3,000
3rd Prize: USD 1,500
4th Prize: USD 1,000
5th Prize: USD 1,000

To apply visit the YouthConneckt Challenge Website


Download Post in PDF

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